tiistai 31. maaliskuuta 2009

Live and kickin'...

There has been few emails/notes/etc. from some nice people asking if everything is OK (since I've been rather quiet lately). So, for those and everybody else interested: I'm pretty much OK... however there are some worries caused by this economical depression -thingie, meaning I have to concentrate quite heavily on keeping my job and steady income.

So, I may continue keepin' pretty low profile for awhile.

But I will do the "prizes" for Dan and Erica (Dan's piece is almost finished)

And I will continue doing "Odd" as soon as I have some extra time and energy.

Thanks for caring.


keskiviikko 18. maaliskuuta 2009


Yes, the contest is over. And the winner is...

(drum fill)


And the correct answer is: Im in a pool hall (some of you got this far) aiming the pool cue at the camera lens.

There was also quite a few near tea-snorty suggestions, and since I'm a really nice person, I'm going to give out a 2nd prize (let's say, A5-size illustration... that's half smaller than A4) to...

(drum fill)


It was the "No more cookies for you, mortal worm!" -part that really nailed the victory over the other tea-snorties.

Congratulations for the winners and thanks for all the participants.


The Mighty Jouniac doing magick...

Well, hello there.

Let's do a little competition, shall we? Below you see a photograph of me doing some david-copperfieldish-ectoplasm-magick-stuff. The photo in not manipulated (Isn't that's what they always say, eh?) Now, the competition is to tell me what really happens in the picture.

The first one to get it right OR telling me something that makes me snort my tea, wins... umm... let's say A SIGNED A4-size (that's 210x297mm, and I have no idea what that is in inches) BLACK&WHITE ILLUSTRATION OF ANY SUBJECT YOU WANT!

This is how you participate: Once you've figured out what happens in the photo, check my profile page (on the right-hand side of this page, yes, with the tiny portrait of me... now go on, click the link next to it), click the email link and email me the answer with subject: The Mighty Jouniac is...

Now, if you're the lucky winner, I'll email you back and you can tell me what you want me to draw and where I can send it)



keskiviikko 11. maaliskuuta 2009

Who watches the WATCHMEN...

Well... I did. Last night.

My biggest concern regarding the movie was always how much they would be forced to leave out of it. And the answer is... not much. Snyder has managed to stuff most of the key elements from the comic into the movie with amazing accuracy and style... and more importantly, still manages to make a great movie instead of just a collage of scenes. That bein' said there still is enough stuff missing to make me wait the ultimate-absolutely-final-and-long-as-hell-directors-cut version on DVD.

I'm sure there's people who say that the movie doesn't have this or that and it's not true to the original graphic novel because this or that was changed into something else, but I think it was a DAMN fine interpretation of one of the greatest and most complex comicbooks ever done...

The cast of the movie is also great. Naturally the two leading sosiopaths (the Comedian and Rorschach) steal the show, but the whole cast is pretty much spot-on. The only character I would've done little bit differently was Ozymandias. In the original comic Ozzy seemed very emotional and empathic (even too emotional) whereas the Adrian Veidt of the movie is very calm and stoic and almost expressionless.

The WATCMEN is a great superhero movie for adults. It has violence and nudity (I was happy to discover that even a superhero can have a penis... which usually doesn't seem to be the case. In fact at some point I humoured myself thinking that the main reason for all the frustrated violence in the comics world was because, despite all the muscles and sexy looks and tight outfits, the people didn't have genitals... I know I would be pissed off!) but also a deeper level that provokes thoughts (about Malin Akerman in high heels... NO! No, don't... concentrate... CONCENTRATE!) about the human psyche and moral (YES! That's more like it!)

Also the soundtrack deserves to be mentioned. It really nails the movie to the historical time frame, subtly reminding the audience when everything takes place.

I loved the movie.


PS. There's no SPOILERS in the blog entry, but there's few in the comments, so consider yourself WARNED!!!!!!!!

maanantai 2. maaliskuuta 2009

It's good SOME people are creating...

...since I'm not. But I will get there... sooner or later.

made me snort my tea. You can blame it on SPACEDLAW (who tweeted the link)... I sure will.