torstai 30. elokuuta 2007

Still working...

Here's couple more recent 'real work' thingies. POSTERS to be more exact...

First some 'vintage golf'...

...and then a theater poster.

Oh, and the 'mystery project' is still going on very nicely...


Weird stuff by James Jean...

Just wanted to drop by and ask if you have seen James Jean's blog?

Now, what kind of mind can produce that kind of images?

And more importantly... Where could I get one like that myself?


torstai 9. elokuuta 2007

Just couple more pictures...

Just something I found from my hard drive. Tha'ss all.


And "Jack"


tiistai 7. elokuuta 2007

Past Victories II: Shoggoth's Old Peculiar

So, since I'm not going to tell you (at this point) more about... that thing... I mentioned earlier (well, other than it's coming along just fine, thank you)...

I thought it might be a good time to do a second part of my 'Past Victories' series.

Right. Before 'A Study In Emerald' poster thing we did a chapbook (we meaning me, Neil, Greg Ketter and Bob Garcia) of Neil's fabulous short story 'Shoggoth's Old Peculiar'. It was launched in the Fiddlers Green convention in Minneapolis in november 2004. It was loads of fun. I even did a signing with Neil and that was very much fun and VERY odd.

Anyways... here's some illustrations from the book.

... and here's a photo of the signing... umm right. (photo by Michelle Larson)

And I checked Dreamhaven website and found out they are still selling the book in here so go buy it... shoo!! And while you're at it, buy some other books too. Greg is a great chap and has a really cool comic/bookshop