keskiviikko 9. huhtikuuta 2008

Odd fonts

I was asked about the lettering of Odd, and I think it's right and proper to tell this publicly....

From the beginning I wanted to have editable text so I can correct typos etc. more easily AND since I don't have Fontographer to create a font of my own (and my hand writing sucks pretty much anyhow) I took the easy way out and downloaded few free fonts from the net.

If you like fonts (like I do) you should REALLY visit...




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Bill^2 kirjoitti... is also a very nice font site I use often.

Love the work!

Jouniac kirjoitti...

Ta Bill!

There's always room for one more font site.



Kitty Cat kirjoitti...

i have a tshirt that says "font junkie" because i am too-- can't wait to see more of your ODD. The staff is gorgeously pencilled.
lnow, et's do a poster..!
TAK! (is that correct in Finnish?)
xox Kitty

Jouniac kirjoitti...

Ta Cat!


Erm... it's not Finnish... But "tack" would be "thanks" in SWEDISH (which is Finlands western neighbour)



Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Having seen your handwriting, I can't exactly say it's awful. But you're probably right to think it's not quite right for this sort of thing. :P