tiistai 15. huhtikuuta 2008

Odd and the Frost Giants page 5 (chapter 1)

...and I'm currently finishing the pencils for page 6.


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Dan Guy kirjoitti...

Can you speak to your process? Do you ink on the computer or on paper and then scan it in and retouch?

Jouniac kirjoitti...

You know what, Dan. Now that I'm working with page 6, I think I'm going to take couple of photos/scans of different steps and post them (with some explanations) with the finished page.



Kitty Cat kirjoitti...

can you also do a video of your morning tea>?
oh and in America, a Cheerio is a small oat-based cerea nugget, in shape of a circle.
Kitty (furiously studying Finnish)

ps need a photo of you in a Neverwear tee--
which size are you?

Jouniac kirjoitti...

Dear Kitty

No, I will NOT do a video of my morning tea... this isn't Jackass you know.

And yes, we do have Cheerios in Finland too.



PS. I'm "medium".