tiistai 14. huhtikuuta 2009

First prize done...

So, Dan wanted me to do this really peculiar piece about "Bully the Bull" (that's a stuffed toy animal) in a STILLSUIT riding a SANDWORM (you know, from Dune books)... yup, that's pretty... ORIGINAL idea. ;-)

...and being a really cool guy, Dan wanted me to give it to a friend of his.

... so now you can see it in here.

Now... off to start sketching the second prize.


4 kommenttia:

Dan Guy kirjoitti...

Your implementation was WAY cooler than my idea. I hope we get to see the second prize!

Marjorie kirjoitti...

That's amazing! And like Dan, i hope we get to see 2nd prize, too!

Kitty Cat kirjoitti...

i can't join Flickr, because i can't remember ONE MORE PASSWORD but i wanted to comment on how tremendously talented you are, JK,
you bastard!
(an American term of endearment)
got some new ideas for you.

signed, Raisin Bran

Jouniac kirjoitti...

Ta, Cat.

New ideas? Ooo. That sounds nice.