torstai 22. tammikuuta 2009

Odd and the Frost Giants page 19 (chapter 2)

As promised. Also re-colored page 18 a little bit. I think they're ok now.


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Tony Sandoval kirjoitti...

thanks Jouni,am glad you like my work,ans i hope also to be published in english,nice pages on your blog mate.saludos from barcelona!!

Shinanai kirjoitti...

Just finished reading all of the Odd pages. I have to say that I like this colouring style better than the one you started out with. Somehow the sketchy shading suits it better, and it looks a lot more... well, traditional, for lack of a better word.
The earlier computer greys were very nice, but this style gives it a lovely texture and a stylish look. :) Tai siis, enemmän ryhtiä, niinkuin näin Suomessa sanotaan.

Can't wait to read more.

Jouniac kirjoitti...

Thanks. I also feel more comfortable doing "Odd" this way. The sketchy shading suits me better. Kiitos kommenteista.