keskiviikko 17. joulukuuta 2008

I'm still doing other things too, you know...

Ok, there's awful lot of hype about the "Saucers" poster right now (and that is a very good thing indeed), but I'm still doing other things too... like "Odd" for example.

Now, while I'm stuggling to find time to color the remaining three pages of chapter 1, I'm also doing tests to find a illustrating style that would minimize the time needed for coloring (cause I'm still going to continue doing this online-Odd-thingie) and get me back on track with the story.

Here's one of those test-panels... now, as you can see, the style is bit more sketchy and the coloring is a lot more simple (basically just one shade of grey and white)... This might work. Any opinions?


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Dan Guy kirjoitti...

I like this test-panel just fine.