keskiviikko 18. helmikuuta 2009

About the future and the flu and stuff...

So no, I haven't done another page of "Odd" (but I'm working on it)

Instead I mean to write a piece about where the F**K is this world going to?

The flu for example. When I was a kid having the flu meant that you would have a sore throat and a runny nose for few days... MAYBE some fever too if you got it bad, right? Nowadays you don't have flu, you have bloody INFLUENZA, which means you're laying flat on your back for two weeks sick as a dog, puking your guts out and shitting your PJ's and generally just wishing somebody would come to put you out of your misery. Now, WHAT-THE-F**K-HAPPENED-TO-FLU?

When I fist time heard some sci-fi stuff about "superflu" wiping out large portions of humankind, the thought seemed slightly ridiculous. And the only way to die of flu would've been if you accidentally swallowed a kleenex while coughing! Now, the influenza is different... that shit really feels like it could kill you.

One thing hasn't changed, though. When you got the flu, doctors couldn't do shit about it. All they could say was: "Stay in bed, drink warm fluids and try not get bored." Now, when you get the influenza they say "Stay in bed, get some iv-fluids and try not to die."

I think that the only thing that can save us now is... the KLEENEX! Seriously, when you had the flu, you sneezed and wiped your nose with a kleenex (or nessu or serla or whatever) until your nostrils and upper lip ended up very irritated and red. I think that kleenex should step up and face this new nemesis! I think they should invest to nanotechnology in order to create a SUPERKLEENEX. Just think about it! When the superflu strikes, you just wipe your nose (or any... umm... hole, that is leaking) with superkleenex and the nanobots kick the crap out of the disease!

And all I want is 1% of the profits.


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