keskiviikko 8. lokakuuta 2008

Blinking at the sunlight...

It's been awhile (and certainly longer than I anticipated).

Right. The past six months have been pretty rough. Nothing dramatic though. More like a slow avalanche of work- and family-related stuff that really needed my attention. But at some point during that time I realized I was wearing myself out, and decided to put all the "extra-stuff" on hold for awhile. Now, few months later, I'm still not ready to go full-speed ahead with Odd, but the "itch" is slowly getting unbearable and I've even done some drawin' during the past couple of days.

So. I'm still not out from the woods (and neither is Odd), not really, but I'm getting there (and so will he). There's just too much cool stuff already sketched or visualized in my head to quit at this point.

Be seeing you.


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