maanantai 21. toukokuuta 2007

Free hands...

Adobe is pulling the plug on their vector graphics application, FreeHand.

Now, for ME (and to MANY other graphic designers as well) this is bit like announcing to cab drivers that 'We will not make any more cars, but don't you worry... here's a PDF-manual of how you can go on with your business with a bicycle... or have you thought about purchasing a helicopter?'


The article can be found here


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Dan Guy kirjoitti...

Is it like being told to switch to a bike, or two a tank with a cab light taped to the top and painted yellow?

I haven't ever used FreeHand, but Illustrator seems like a beast.

Jouniac kirjoitti...

Yes. That's very much it.

FreeHand is the most versatile of the vector graphics applications I've tried. It's far from perfect but it's a hell of a lot better than the alternatives.

Dom kirjoitti...

Will you be sticking with the older versions of the program, then?

I love the art, by the way. I wanted to ask, how did you illustrate ??

Was it pencilled, scanned, then inked in FreeHand or something? I hope to learn a few tricks from you!!

Jouniac kirjoitti...

Yup. For now I'll stick with FreeHand MX, but in the (very near, I'm afraid) future I think I must learn to use the combination of Illustrator ans InDesign... *sigh*

Oh, thank you. The 'neildraw'-thing is actually a traditional pencil-and-ink-on-a-honest-to-god-real-paper picture. The colors were painted in Photoshop on top of the inked drawing.

I'm not sure I know any 'tricks' but I hope I can help in some ways.